We plan to add a whole spectrum of family-friendly activities to Woodside’s calendar. In the past, Woodside Station Boarding Stables has been the site of 4-H exhibition shows, organized trail rides, riding lessons, Fun Shows, Easter egg hunt for the public, as well as a facility for work opportunity for the Capital Area Intermediate Unit in conjunction with the Emotional Support classroom from the Upper Dauphin Area School District. It is our desire to become active in the community again and offer these kinds of activities to local clubs and organizations.

Life at Woodside

How do you know when your horse is happy?

Look into his eyes, and you will know.

A contented horse has a calm eye and an attitude of relaxed curiosity. Horses feel safe when they know their needs are met and that they can trust their surroundings. One look at the horses boarded at Woodside reveals that they are happy here. They enjoy socializing in large green pastures, and passing time munching hay in their safe, roomy stalls. We customize our care to meet the needs of every horse.

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